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Pay Per Click Services
What are Pay Per Click Services?

Pay Per Click Services are a fast way to start reaching your target audience on the web. Text or banner ads can be immediately displayed on a number of search engines and web portals based your targeting needs. While there are great number of Pay Per Click Service providers on the web, LinkAge typically only recommends two of them: Yahoo/Overture and Google Ad Words.

Why choose Linkage to setup and manage your PPC services?

LinkAge Solutions maintains a close relationship with the two largest Pay Per Click services on the web: Google and Yahoo/Overture. Because of this relationship, Linkage has access to special campaign management and reporting tools not available to the general public.

In addition, setting up a successful pay per click campaign with either of these services can be a daunting task for new advertisers. Before a campaign can begin, each service requires decisions regarding targeting and budgets to be made. It is at this level of questioning that thousands of dollars can be wasted or saved!

Maintaining a pay per click campaign is just as important as proper set up. Many new advertisers aren't aware of the constant attention required by the pay per click campaigns. Keyword bidding fluctuations, pay per click fraud and ad relevancy measures all need constant watching (click fraud in particular).

Yahoo and Google also provide tools to track "conversions" generated by the campaign. This conversion tracking can be used to track such things as: purchases via an online store, requests for quotes, information downloads and more.

Online Media Buy
-What are Online Media Buys?

Unlike traditional media buys, the majority of the sellers on web do not use the standard CPM measure. It is much more common to hear phrases such as: unique visitors, cost per click, cost per conversion and cost per impression. Understanding what these phrases represent is key to making media purchases that generate a good return on investment.

-Why use LinkAge for Media Buys?

LinkAge has brokered numerous successful web media purchases since the late 90's. We'll ask the tough questions that sellers hope to avoid and set up ways of tracking results. Objective data is a requirement with LinkAge and we don't let sales persons talk their way around it!

Search Engine Optimization
-What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engines rely on complex mathematical algorithms to index and rank web sites that appear in their search results pages (sponsored listing excluded). Search Engine Optimization is the manipulation of a web page's coding and linking structure to achieve the best keyword phrase rankings possible. To achieve the best results, it is essential to understand which variables have a positive or negative impact on your rankings. If your web site has not been properly optimized, you may be left out of many search engine and directory indexes. A quick way to check is to search an engine using your company's name and product brand or click here to request a detailed report (free report of all the major engines and directories).

-Why choose LinkAge to optimize your web site?

At LinkAge, we make it our business to know and understand these search engine algorithms to ensure the best possible rankings while avoiding practices that can have a negative long-term impact on your site.


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