Design is our Passion
Our experienced design team is driven with a passion to be innovative and creative. Each eye candy design is unique and tailored to fit the client. We don't use an archive of templates to plug in a graphic, your logo, and your information. Instead we study each company or organization, to better understand their identity. We can create a design that not only expresses your style, but also your goals.

Design Methodology
Understanding the client and their needs is a key role of the design team. We act as a conduit for the goals, creativity, and style each client envisions for their project. An initial conference is scheduled to begin this discovery and initiate a collaboration that lasts until the project is completed.

When the project manager and lead designer have a firm understanding of the client's goals, a drafting phase of concepts begins. Concepts are reviewed with the client to check for agreement and then modified further to create a polished "final" concept. This final concept will then be used as the theme for the entire website.

Below is an illustration of our design process. Having this illustration and process, helps each project move smoothly. Displaying the appropriate action for both the client and ourselves at each stage of the process.

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